Corporate social responsibility

Collect runs an ongoing expanded CRS plan which includes all business partners. Our ideology is to do business both ethically and environmentally correct. We have some key issues listed below:

1 Labour standards
2 Environment
3 Animal rights
4 Charity

Labour standards

All our items are made in Italy at a family owned factory with more than 50 years experience of making leather goods. The factory's employment are fairly and in accordance with local laws and regulations. The factory does not use forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. All employees are of the legal age of employment. We expect all our suppliers to work in a safe and hygienic working environment.


The world’s environment is getting worse and worse, eventually ending in a crisis. At Collect Studios we do our best to reduce our usage of environmental hostile material. We make sure our production chooses environmental friendly goods, raw material, methods and/or technology applicable with respect to the ordered quality in all its operations.

Animal rights

We demand high standards with our business partners, but also their business partners. As a leather goods company we want to ensure that all the animals have had a proper life. Therefore we only uses leather from Italy, where our supplier treats animals well.


We believe that companies should help where they can. All purchases from collectstudios.com includes a self-chosen charitable purpose. The charity is paid solely by COLLECT STUDIOS and not by the customer or through the products price. At the checkout you choose the product you want to support. You can track your charity and get email updates by using your Order ID. All charity is operated by Save The Children Denmark.