Collect Studios is a Danish accessories company founded in 2017. Based on an idea to revolutionize the conservative accessories market with modern designs and a personal touch from the customer, Collect offers a wide range of leather products. Located in Copenhagen we are inspired by the Nordic design with a kind of simplicity, though still with a touch of international elegance and quality.


Product information

Accessories are not only meant to be practical, they are a piece of art. Something that identifies an

individual. To accomplish this, we have made a product by the finest italian leather and craftsmanship from the same factories as high-end luxury brands.


All of our products are of the highest quality and comply with standards set by the european union.

Material: Calf skin
Lining: 30% Cotton 70% Nylon
Leather origin: Santa Croce Sull'arno, Italy.
Measurements: 10.0 X 7.2 X 0.5 cm


All of our products are manufactured on factories in Florence, Italy with more than 50 years of experience with leather goods. The factories live up to the high standards set by COLLECT STUDIOS, which requires minimum wage, health insurance, proper working schedules, clean environments and secure working space for anyone involved in the production process.
All CSR standards are specified on the CSR page.